Cliff side passage

Cliff side passage, originally uploaded by yetanotherdave.

March’s City Daily photo theme is passageways.
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This is the passageway from the Observatory down to a viewpoint in the cliffside near the Suspension Bridge.

5 responses to “Cliff side passage

  1. Thanks everyone, the passageway is really small, really long (much longer than you can show in a single shot) I’m 6’4 and was bent double all the way, plus it’s slippy, narrow and has a lot of elevation. I was exhausted after climbing out!

  2. This is a cool shot.

  3. This is a fascinating passageway! Chuck’s right — the thought of the labor is just awesome.

  4. Oh, my! I’m thinking about all the man hours and hard labor digging this passageway. Great post!!

  5. That’s a longgg, cave like passageway! Perfect for theme day today!

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